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Best in its class hardware

At GPM we try to keep things simple, but effective, using proven methods. We believe that preventative maintenance and good advice, can often prevent major problems.

Ensuring equipment and systems are regularly maintained, and are suitable, is usually half the battle.

All of the hardware you buy from GPM will be recognised as the best in it’s class.

We are purposely not resellers for any manufacturer as we wish to recommend the best products for our customers not the ones that we make the most profit on.

If you do have a problem, the speed of our response is critical, whether it is a simple problem or a complete disaster. GPM are able to provide rapid onsite support.

GPM supports networks thousands of miles apart, so reliability, ease of use, support and value for money, in effect TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), is paramount.

HP Netserver

switch 2524

 HP Procurve

 ThinkPad X Series
IBM ThinkPad

Image of an HP Workstation xw4000

HP XW Workstation

hp LaserJet 4300dtn printer - printers
HP Laserjet 4350

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